Mauritius Holidays

Welcome to Holiday Rentals Mauritius, we are a specialized website dedicated to providing you with Mauritius accommodation options and advice you on planning your Mauritius Holiday.

Mauritius is a luxurious and beautiful holiday spot to spend your summer or mid-year holiday, with tropical climate almost all year round and beautiful turquoise beaches, it’s the ultimate vacation location.

When planning your Mauritius Holiday, there are a few things to look out for, Mauritius has plenty of coastal regions and a range of forest and mountainous areas. The Ministry of Environment maintains an amazing job in keeping the island exceptionally preserved. Mauritius is separated into 10 regions, each with it’s own uniqueness. For planning you special Mauritius holidays, be sure to check out our regions map for a brief description of where you would like to stay. If you’re into breath taking views on your Mauritius holidays, the best bet is to check out a few coastal regions, we would recommend River Du Rempart.

What kind of activities does Mauritius Offer? Mauritius offers a unique array of different activities depending on the regions, there is anything from extreme sports, fishing, 



golf, island safaris, hunting and unique wine and dining experiences for your Mauritius Holidays. For Wedding and Honeymoons, Mauritius has an exceptional reputation in being one of the best locations to experience your honeymoon or your ideal dreamy beach wedding. Spas and well-being is also a favourite in Mauritius, with plenty of facilities for natural beauty therapies, Mauritius has a great reputation in practising the art of cleansing the body, spirit and mind.

If you’re planning your Mauritius Holidays with your family, the island is fantastically catered for, with plenty of attractions and kid friendly activities and tours for the young ones.

Another beautiful aspect of the island when planning your Mauritius holidays, is to visit the island’s historic sites and experience the culture diversities that Mauritius has to offer.

So How big is Mauritius? Mauritius is 2,030 km² in land measurements, so if we compare it to Washington DC, it’s around 10 – 11 times the size!

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